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 Are you at risk of type 2 diabetes?

If you’re worried that you, a family member or friend, might be at risk of developing type 2 diabetes and want to make healthy lifestyle changes, then the Sheffield NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme could help. It’s absolutely free and it could change your life.

Please contact your GP practice if you think you are at risk of Type 2 Diabetes. Your GP or practice nurse will be able to tell you if you are eligible for the programme.

Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes is a major contributor to kidney failure, heart attack, and stroke. Many people would also be shocked to know that it’s also a leading cause of foot and lower leg amputations and preventable sight loss in people of working age.



Now is the time to take charge of your health

Diabetes Prevention Programme

The Sheffield NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme (‘Healthier You’) allows you to take control of your health supporting you to make changes to your:

  • Diet
  • Weight
  • The amount of exercise you do

Taking this kind of action now can help you reduce your risk of, or even stop you, developing type 2 Diabetes.


How does it work?

Together with like-minded individuals who want to take charge of their health, you will work with a trained health professional to make long lasting lifestyle changes.

Please ask your GP or practice nurse for further details.


“I am just extremely grateful for the opportunity to change my life … the seriousness of the course and topics discussed made me realise that it is only me that can make a change. Supported by the education from this programme, it is one of the best things I have decided to do … it has been the best thing I have ever done.”

- Former Diabetes Prevention Programme group member


“The coaches and the group were very helpful throughout … I have understood which foods are quickly releasing and realised that it was all I was having so I changed them to healthier, slow releasing options. I changed my bread type, cut out starchy foods and lost almost 2 stone in weight which allowed me to fit in the old suit for my son’s marriage. I feel much healthier now.”

- Former Diabetes Prevention Programme group member

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