Specialist palliative care pharmacists provide advice on medicines to the Hospital Palliative Care Team and to St Luke’s Hospice.

When coming into one of the hospitals or to St Luke’s Hospice as an inpatient please bring any medicines including tablets, liquids, inhalers, or patches that you currently take. This will ensure the medical team know what medicines you take on admission. It also means you will not miss any medication if the particular tablet you take is not in stock.  

On discharge the pharmacist can advise on compliance aids and where necessary provide a reminder chart to help you to take your medication as prescribed. The pharmacist will liaise with your GP and nominated community pharmacy where necessary to ensure an ongoing supply of medicines.

If you have any queries about your medicines then you can seek advice from your GP, community pharmacist, or community specialist palliative care team. In addition you can contact the Medicines Helpline at the Northern General Hospital on 271 4371 or the Royal Hallamshire Hospital on 0114 271 3401.


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