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How long should the assessment take?

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Sheffield CCG aims to make a decision on eligibility for CHC within 28 days, once a patient has screened in.  However, there are some occasions when it will take longer to make a decision.  For instance, it can take longer for some specialist assessments to be completed, and it may not be possible to make a decision about CHC until these have been received.  Similarly members of the multidisciplinary team sometimes disagree about whether the patient should be eligible for CHC.  This can lead to an unavoidable delay in completing the assessment.  The CCG and colleagues in other agencies have agreed procedures to resolve such disagreements.

The CCG will write to the patient to tell them the outcome of their assessment for CHC.  This letter will include details of how to appeal against the decision that has been made.  If the person does not have capacity to agree to an assessment, the CCG may need to send letters about the assessment to a person acting on their behalf.  The CCG may correspond with someone who has been appointed to act on behalf of the patient in dealing with an appeal.

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