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Is there a quicker assessment for people close to the end of life?


Some people who are close to the end of their lives may be referred for continuing healthcare on the ‘Fast Track'.  This is a streamlined process for people whose health is rapidly deteriorating and need end of life care. Eligibility for continuing healthcare on the fast track can only be approved by an ‘Appropriate Clinician.'  The Department of Health has produced a tool to assess people on the Fast Track and you can find a copy of it here.  This tool contains guidance notes, which includes the definition of an ‘Appropriate Clinician.'  It also sets out the criterion that must be met to qualify for continuing healthcare on the Fast Track.

The CCG reviews Fast Track assessments within one working day of receiving them, with the aim of arranging urgent packages of care quickly.  Where a Fast Track referral is made on a Friday, the clinician should send the referral to the Continuing Healthcare Team at the CCG by 12 noon where possible, to allow time for a response. The CCG also checks that Fast Track assessments have been properly completed, and provides feed back to the ‘Appropriate Clinician' on the assessment. As mentioned above, the CCG will write to the patient, or someone appointed on their behalf, to tell them the outcome.  Where a patient is eligible for continuing healthcare on the Fast Track, the letter will confirm details of the care that will be arranged for them.

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