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Some people who have been in hospital will need to be assessed for continuing healthcare.  This could happen before they leave hospital, if they are likely to need to move direct to a care home. In that case, they will be assessed as described on the previous page although the assessment will take place in hospital. 

However, if the staff in the hospital think a patient could be helped to be more independent, they may be offered a period of re-ablement'.  This means that they will be offered care for up to 6 weeks, with support from therapy and nursing teams.  The aim of this support will be to help the patient to recover some of the skills they need to be more independent.  During this period, the staff supporting the patient will consider whether they should be assessed for continuing healthcare. 

In both of these cases, the person concerned will not be able to stay in hospital or in the re-ablement service, after they have had their assessment.  This assessment will help the NHS make a decision about whether it should fund their care. They may be offered care in a nursing home whilst this decision is being made.  If the decision is that the person is not eligible for continuing healthcare, the Council may arrange their care. However, the Council may ask a person to contribute towards the cost of care that it arranges for them.

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