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NHS Sheffield Clinical Commissioning Group has been legally dissolved and from 1 July 2022 has been replaced by a new organisation: NHS South Yorkshire Integrated Care Board (SY ICB). NHS South Yorkshire ICB is now responsible for commissioning and funding of health and care services locally. Please go to our new website for information about the work of NHS South Yorkshire ICB and details about how to contact us.

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How does the assessment process start?


The first step in deciding whether a person is eligible for continuing healthcare is the completion of a Checklist.  A Checklist can be completed by a nurse, therapist or social worker.  Occasionally a Checklist might be completed by another member of staff from the NHS or the Local Authority, such as a GP or Care Manager.  The Checklist is used to screen people and decide whether a full assessment for continuing healthcare should take place.  If you believe that you or someone you know may be eligible for continuing healthcare, you should ask their GP or a nurse or social worker who knows them and also whether they will complete a Checklist for them.  You can find a copy of the Checklist here.

A Checklist should not be completed without the person's consent.  The CCG has set out guidance for professionals to ensure that they ask the person whether they agree to being assessed.  You can find a copy of the guidance here.  Anyone who is being assessed is also asked to agree to their personal information being shared, so that care can be arranged for them, if necessary.

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