Mental Health 3
  • The CCG has a responsibility to protect vulnerable adults and children and we are committed to improving safeguarding processes in Sheffield.
  • We also have responsibility for ensuring the provider organisations from whom we commission services provide safe systems for safeguarding children and adults, including provision for Looked after Children.
  • We ensure CCG members are aware of their duties and competent to report and manage concerns, and that NHS provider organisations in Sheffield deliver national requirements in relation to safeguarding. 
  • Our membership GP practices also have responsibility for safeguarding children and vulnerable adults in primary care.  The CCG has a duty to support NHS England in developing primary care.  We therefore also have in place systems to support primary care in effectively carrying out safeguarding responsibilities.
  • We work in partnership with the Local Authority and other key agencies and jointly review concerns and individual cases.

Designated Safeguarding Health Care Professionals

Sheffield employs:

  • a Designated Nurse and Doctor for safeguarding children,
  • a Designated Professional for safeguarding adults,
  • a Professional standards manager leading on MCA (Mental Capacity Act)
  • and three Named GPs.

The functions of the designated professionals are consistent with the Intercollegiate Document 2014 and will include matters around training and development, supervision, expert advice on safeguarding and child protection, work on the various types of case review panels, quality assurance, service development and promote safeguarding in the commissioning of services. 

The designated professionals are accountable to the Chief Nurse for the CCG who has the lead role for safeguarding.

Please click here for more safeguarding information and key documents.

Contacts for more information


Safeguarding Adults and Mental Capacity Act

Sue Brook, Designated Professional Safeguarding Adults

01226 43447

Helen Robinson, Named Professional Safeguarding Adults

Kitty Reilly, Named Healthcare Professional for Safeguarding 

07584 591259 or 0114 3051229 (landline only available Tuesday and Wednesday)

Amy Lampard, Named GP Safeguarding Adults


Safeguarding Children

Diane Shahlavi, Deputy Designated Nurse Safeguarding Children

0114 3054512

Anna Ramsbottom, Designated Doctor Safeguarding Children

0114 3051072

Heather Inniss, Named GP Safeguarding Children

0114 2671280


Looked After Children

Nikki Shepherd, Designated Nurse Looked After Children

0114 3054425



Rachel Leach, Safeguarding and Quality Assurance Officer

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