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FOI Ref: 0027FOI1920 

8th May 2019 

Freedom of Information Act 2000 – Request for Information 

We are pleased to respond to your request for information and our response is set out below: 

Request/ Response 

I am researching public funding allocations made to hospices in England. Specifically, I am seeking information on the level of funding made by NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups via discretionary grants to hospices in your area or to those providing services in your area. 

I am asking for information related to the current financial year (2019/20) and whether this is any change from previous years. 

Please could you provide the following information 

1. How many hospices do you allocate grant funding to as a CCG? (these may be within your geographical area or they provide services to your area) - 2

2. What grant funding ( £ 000’s) have individual hospices been allocated in this financial year (2019/2020)? – Hospice 1 £2,555,838, Hospice 2 £30,000

3. Is the grant funding for any hospice in the current year 2019/20 a change when compared to the previous year 2018/19?

  • No stayed the same
  • Yes -- An increase of approximately ---- %
  • or Yes -- A decrease of approximately. ---- %

Hospice 1 – No stayed the same  Hospice 2 – Yes an increase of approximately 9.1%

4. Approximately what is the population size served by your CCG? – 608,376

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