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FOI Ref: 0043FOI1920

5th June 2019

Freedom of Information Act 2000 – Request for Information

We are pleased to respond to your request for information and our response is set out below:


Under the Freedom of Information Act, please can you answer the following questions

1. How much did your organisation spend on Sodium Hyaluronate eye drop formulations between the period of 01/01/2018 to 31/12/2018?

2. Between the period 01/01/2018 to 31/12/2018, which brand(s) of Sodium Hyaluronate eye drop formulations did you use? 

To make your research easier, I have listed all commonly used brands which you can cross reference: 

  • Blink Intensive Tears
  • Evolve HA
  • Optrex Night Restore Gel
  • Lacrifresh
  • Vismed Multi
  • Hy-Opti
  • Artelac Rebalance
  • Clinitas Multi
  • Hylo-Tear
  • Oxyal
  • Eye Logic
  • Murine Professional
  • Xailin HA
  • Euphrasia
  • Hylo-Forte
  • Optive Fusion
  • Biotrue
  • Hycosan Fresh
  • Hyabak
  • Vismed Gel Multi
  • Hylo Care
  • Hydramed
  • Hysoothe
  • Hycosan

3. How many units of each brand did you use?



The CCG does not hold this information, but it is available publicly here: https://openprescribing.net/analyse/


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