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FOI Ref: 0046FOI1920

26th June 2019

Freedom of Information Act 2000 – Request for Information

We are pleased to respond to your request for information and our response is set out below:

Request/ Response

Please can you provide me with the following information.  For any CSUs that are performing FOI duties on behalf of multiple CCGs please supply information for all CCGs within your area separately.

1. Do you have an in-house business intelligence/insight team or function?  Yes

2. If so, how many in-house business intelligence/insight staff do you have?  Preferably shown via an organisation chart  10

3. What directorate does the business intelligence/insight function fall under within your organisation?  Performance and Commissioning

4. Do you use any third party providers for business intelligence services i.e. CSU?  If so, which organisation and for what services?  North of England Commissioning Support (NECS) – data warehousing.

5. If you do use a third party supplier, how many embedded staff do you have within your organisation?  None

6. Do you have a risk stratification/population health system?  If so, what platform does this sit on i.e. Tableau, Qlikview and is this an in-house system or provided by a CSU/third party provider?  Risk stratification provided by NECS using an in-house system.

7. Do you have any specific BI software in place to support the work of the business intelligence function such as building dashboards i.e. PowerBI, Qlikview, Tableau? And are these part of an in-house provision provided by a CSU?  Nothing above our data warehouse.

8. How much is your total contract value with any third party/CSU business intelligence/insight provision (if any)? Contract for BI (Business Intelligence) and DSCRO (Data Service for Commissioners Regional Office) services is combined and difficult to disaggregate.

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