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19.Details of information used for specific purposes : Care and Treatment Reviews

Details of information used for specific purposes: Care and Treatment Reviews


Data Controller(s)



Care and Treatment Reviews (CTRs) are part of NHS England’s commitment to transforming services for people with learning disabilities, autism or both. CTRs are for people whose behaviour is seen as challenging and/or for people with a mental health condition. They are used by commissioners for people living in the community and in learning disability and mental health hospitals.

Type of information Used

Identifiable: Personal (such as name, address, date of birth) and Special Category (health information)

Legal basis


How we collect (the source) and use the information

Care and Treatment Reviews are independent panel meetings about your care arranged by the CCG. The CTR panel is made up or professionals who are not involved in your everyday care. The panel members listen to you and to everyone involved in your care. They look at your notes and check that your care and plans are working well. They use this information and their own experience to decide what will improve your care and plans for the future. They speak up when they think your care could be different or better.

CCGs have to understand people’s needs, to plan for different levels of support at different times. They work with other health and social care services to find out who needs extra support or contact to make sure things are okay. This list or register helps the CCG work with health and social care services. It allows them to arrange the extra support needed, if a CTR is needed, or extra help for carers. If you need a community CTR, you can join this register. Ask your care co-ordinator about it.

If someone suddenly becomes very unwell and urgently needs to go into hospital, there might not be enough time for a community CTR. If this happens, an adult should have a hospital CTR within four weeks of going into hospital, or two weeks if you are a child or young person. This process is carried out with consent from the patient in order to satisfy the Common Law Duty of Confidentiality.

Data Processors


Your Rights

With regards to Care and Treatment reviews under GDPR you have the right:

  • To be informed about the processing of your information (this notice)
  • Of access to the information held about you
  • To have the information corrected in the event that it is inaccurate
  • To restrict or stop processing
  • To object to it being processed or used
  • Not to be subject automated decision-taking or profiling
  • To be notified of data breaches

How long we will keep the information


Who we will share the information with (recipients)

Information may be shared with the Local Authority, and primary and secondary healthcare providers.


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