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Disclosure Log 2019/20

FOI Responses 2019/20 continued (page 2 of 5)

0051FOI1920 (Stroke units)  
0052FOI1920 (Maxillofacial Surgery)  
0053FOI1920 (Fastrack Continuing Healthcare Applications)  
0054FOI1920 (Personal Health Budgets)  
0055FOI1920 (Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service, Mental Health, Private care)  
0056FOI1920 (Benchmarking systems)  
0057FOI1920 (Intelligent automation / robotic processes)  
0058FOI1920 (Breach notices)  
0059FOI1920 (Autism diagnoses)  
0060FOI1920 (Diabetes education)  
0061FOI1920 (Primary Care Networks)  
0062FOI1920 (South Yorkshire & Bassetlaw Operational Plan)  
0063FOI1920 (Infection control)  
0064FOI1920 (Overseas patients)  
0065FOI1920 (Urgent care)  
0066FOI1920 (Cows Milk Protein Allergy)  
0067FOI1920 (Diabetes & Improving Access to Psychological Therapies)  
0068FOI1920 (Child injuries and deaths)  
0069FOI1920 (Interpreting services costs)  
0070FOI1920 (Alternative Provider Medical Services contracts)  
0071FOI1920 (School nursing / Looked after children)  
0072FOI1920 (Staff numbers / counter fraud)  
0073FOI1920 (Primary Care Networks)  
0074FOI1920 (Diagnosis, GPs and practice numbers)  
0075FOI1920 (Infected Blood Enquiry)  
0076FOI1920 (Psychological support, baby loss)  
0077FOI1920 (Formulary)  
0078FOI1920 (Holter ECGs - electrocardiogram)  
0079FOI1920 (Continuous glucose monitoring)  
0080FOI1920 (Pathology services)  
0081FOI1920 (Continuing Healthcare (CHC) numbers)  
0082FOI1920 (Mental health services for older people)  
0083FOI1920 (Commissioned beds in locked rehab and assessment treatment units)  
0084FOI1920 (Current Director for estates and facilities)  
0085FOI1920 (Clinically assisted nutrition and hydration of patients in vegetative states / coma)  
0086FOI1920 (Primary Care Networks)  
0087FOI1920 (CHC Assessments)  
0088FOI1920 (PUPoC - Previously Unassessed Period of Care)  
0089FOI1920 (Flammability of skin emollient products)  
0090FOI1920 (Contracts to private providers)  
0091FOI1920 (Patient treatment through exceptional cases system)  
0092FOI1920 (Referral triage - referral management services)  
0093FOI1920 (Procedures - treatments funded by the NHS in 2014)  
0094FOI1920 (Procedures of limited clinical value)  
0095FOI1920 (Primary Care Networks)  
0096FOI1920 (Mental Health - Crisis Resolution Teams)  
0097FOI1920 (Venous Thromboembolism prevention and mangement)  
0098FOI1920 (CHC funding)  
0099FOI1920 (Glaucoma referral refinement)  
0100FOI1920 (Organisational structures)  

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