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Disclosure Log 2020/21

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Responses 2020/21 (page 1 of 4)

0001FOI2021 (Primary Care Networks (PCN) & clinical pharmacists)
0002FOI2021 (Telephone maintenance)
0003FOI2021 (Breastfeeding support)
0004FOI2021 (IT suppliers)
0005FOI2021 (Finance software)
0006FOI2021 (Maternity service structure)
0007FOI2021 (Equality Impact Assessments and suicide services)
0008FOI2021 (Elderly care fees)
0009FOI2021 (Covid-19 hospital admissions)
0010FOI2021 (Continuing Healthcare (CHC) numbers)
0011FOI2021 (Pharmacy rebates)
0012FOI2021 (Finance/ Procurement structures)
0013FOI2021 (Couples therapy)
0014FOI2021 (Covid-19 Black and Minority Ethnic (BAME) staff
0015FOI2021 (Integrated Care System (ICS) leads)
0016FOI2021 treated as a general enquiry
0017FOI2021 (Biologics pathways)
0018FOI2021 (Covid-19 risk assessments for BAME staff)
0019FOI2021 (Director and Deputy Director pay bands)
0020FOI2021 (Biological treatments - Psoriaris)
0021FOI2021 (Community dermatology services)
0022FOI2021 (Hydroxychlorique retinopathy)
0023FOI2021 (Musculoskeletal (MSK) community services) 
0024FOI2021 (Primary care hubs) 
0025FOI2021 (CHC information)
0026FOI2021 (Primary Care Network underspend)
0027FOI2021 (Dermatology community services)
0028FOI2021 (Referral management)
0029FOI2021 (Pharmaceutical rebates)
0030FOI2021 (Home care)
0031FOI2021 (Covid-19 hospital discharge and care homes)
0032FOI2021 (Individual Funding Requests (IFR) procedures, rhinoplasty)
0033FOI2021 (Telephony contracts)
0034FOI2021 (Apomorphine)
0035FOI2021 (External legal support)
0036FOI2021 (Intranet provision)
0037FOI2021 (Agency spend)
0038FOI2021 (Local Area Networks)
0039FOI2021 (Counter fraud information)
0040FOI2021 (Psoriasis treatments)
0041FOI2021 (Cataracts surgery/ contracts)
0042FOI2021 (Travel reimbursements (termination of pregnancy))
0043FOI2021 (CHC Fast track)
0044FOI2021 (Sustainability)
0045FOI2021 (Childhood vaccinations and immunisations)
0046FOI2021 (Care packages)
0047FOI2021 (Smith-Magenis Syndrome)
0048FOI2021 (Ophthalmology)
0049FOI2021 (Mobile and telephone contracts)
0050FOI2021 (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) and covid-19)

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