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Our Vision, Aims and Goals

Our vision

By working together with patients, public and partners, we will improve and transform the health and wellbeing of our citizens and communities across Sheffield.

We intend to fundamentally change the balance of healthcare provided in hospital and in the community, so that many more patients receive care closer to home when that is the best place for them.


Our organisational aims

  • To improve patient experience and access to care
  • To improve the quality and equality of healthcare in Sheffield
  • To work with our partners to continue to reduce health inequalities in Sheffield
  • To ensure there is a sustainable, affordable healthcare system in Sheffield
  • Organisational development to ensure we meet organisational health and capability requirements


Our strategic goals for 2018/19

  • Deliver timely and high quality care in hospital for all patients and their families.
  • Become a person-centred city: promoting independence for our citizens and supporting them to take control of their health and health care.
  • Tailor services to support a reduction in health inequalities across the Sheffield population.
  • Integration of physical and mental health, ensuring parity of esteem for people with mental health needs.
  • Support people living with and beyond life threatening or long term conditions.
  • Give every child and young person the best start in life.
  • Prevent the early onset of avoidable disease and premature deaths.
  • We will work in collaboration with partners across the Sheffield Accountable Care Partnership and South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw Integrated Care System to develop sustainable integrated care models and be recognized as a system leader for public sector reform. To find out more about us and our work, please visit www.sheffieldccg.nhs.uk
NHS Sheffield Clinical Commissioning Group

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