Sheffield’s Health and Wellbeing Board brings together local GPs, local councillors, senior managers in the local authority and NHS, and a representative of local people through Healthwatch Sheffield.

Sheffield's Health and Wellbeing Board:

  • aims to make local government and local health services better for local people - by working together, they can make a real difference
  • seeks to bring about lasting change in Sheffield and make Sheffield healthier
  • works with Healthwatch Sheffield to understand the needs and experiences of Sheffield people
  • works with Providers to understand market conditions and seeks their input in key strategic decisions
  • encourages integrated working and commissioning between health and social care to make sure Sheffield people get the best on offer
  • advocates for Sheffield on the national level.

Chair of NHS Sheffield CCG Tim Moorhead said: “We have made huge progress in developing not only a strong but committed partnership with Sheffield City Council on our Health and Wellbeing Board, allowing us a real opportunity for the commissioners in Sheffield to develop far-sighted plans to respond to the health and financial challenges we face.”

To find out more about Sheffield's Health and Wellbeing Board, please go to the main website or email

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