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NHS Summary Care Records (SCRs) are electronic summaries of patients' vital health information.  They contain details of patients' current medications, allergies and any reactions to medication, which can be made available to authorised NHS staff providing you with care anywhere in England to help them make key care decisions, particularly in an emergency if you are not conscious. 

Health staff will normally ask your permission to access your SCR.  It will only be accessed without consent in circumstances, such as emergency care, where it is not possible to ask you first and the person caring for you deems it important in delivering safe and effective care to you.

Not all patients have an SCR.  You have the right to opt in or out of having an SCR – please see the following for more information about this and what is happening and why, and links to other useful information:  NHS Care Records Service website.

Summmary Care Records FAQs can be viewed at the NHS Summary Care Records website.

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