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The Cancer Information Service
Patient's Library, 3rd Floor, Weston Park hospital
Tel: 0114 226 5323 or 226 5390

Cavendish Centre
27 Wilkinson Street
Sheffield, S10 2GB
Tel: 0114 278 4600
Email: enquiries@cavcare.org.uk
Website: www.cavcare.org.uk

Weston Park Cancer Information and Support Centre
23 Northumberland Road
Sheffield, S10 2TX
Tel: 0114 226 5391
Email: info@cancersupportcentre.co.uk
Website: www.cancersupportcentre.co.uk

Sheffield Cancer Information Hub
The Sheffield Cancer Information Hub is a multi-charity drop-in centre providing information and support about cancer for residents of Sheffield, in a non-clinical setting.
For more information, visit the Facebook Group

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722 Prince of Wales Road
S9 4EU

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