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Clover Practice Jordanthorpe branch

Clover Practice Jordanthorpe Health Centre branch closure

Clover Practice has made the difficult decision to commence a consultation with their patients and stakeholders to propose closure of our Jordanthorpe Health Centre branch surgery.  The decision to request the closure of the branch surgery has not been taken lightly and the wellbeing of patients remains the priority.  

Why is the change being proposed?  

Clover Practice currently runs four practices across Sheffield.  The practice has advised NHS Sheffield Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) that it is no longer sustainable to continue to run the branch surgery based at Jordanthorpe Health Centre.  There are a number of other practices in the area, including one based in the Health Centre, which patients will be able to register with. Patients of Clover Practice moving to other local practices will allow more NHS funding going into the area to be spent on direct patient care, ensuring that they are cared for in the best possible way.

The Practice have a tremendous team who have worked very hard to deliver the best possible care to patients despite the challenges, however the most recent GP survey shows that 58% of Clover practice patients describe their overall experience of the service as ‘good’ compared to 66% and 87% of patients at the two closest surgeries. We therefore believe that if the proposal for the branch surgery to close is approved, the health and wellbeing of patients will not be affected. 

What this may mean for patients  

Clover Practice are proposing the closure of their branch surgery based in Jordanthorpe Health Centre.  If the proposal is accepted, patients will be required to re-register with another surgery which covers their postcode. All local practices are currently accepting new patients. 

If the proposal is accepted, patients with complex needs will be supported to transition to a new practice.

How you can have your say  

A formal consultation about the proposed closure of the Clover Practice Jordanthorpe Branch Surgery will begin on Monday 12th October 2020. The consultation will take place over 6 weeks, ending on Sunday 22nd November.    

The purpose of the consultation is to understand and consider the views of patients and stakeholders on the proposal, and understand more fully what the impacts of the change may be.  

We welcome views from all Clover Practice's patients who can take part in the consultation by completing the patient survey at the link below.

Complete the online survey here

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