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NHS Sheffield Clinical Commissioning Group has been legally dissolved and from 1 July 2022 has been replaced by a new organisation: NHS South Yorkshire Integrated Care Board (SY ICB). NHS South Yorkshire ICB is now responsible for commissioning and funding of health and care services locally. Please go to our new website for information about the work of NHS South Yorkshire ICB and details about how to contact us.

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We want you to have more care closer to your home...

A 2020 Vision of Health and Social Care


We want to change the balance between hospital and community, with more care closer to your home and we want to reduce early death ensuring fair access to health care for everyone. See our ‘Changing the balance’: A 2020 Vision of Health and Social Care in Sheffield leaflet here for more information. 

Changing how we work

The NHS and social care need to change how we work if we are to continue to meet people’s needs in Sheffield. 

The NHS organisations in Sheffield and Sheffield City Council are working together to talk to the public of Sheffield about why we think we need to change and what those changes should look like. 

Throughout 2015 the CCG and partners talked to people across the city about some of the challenges that the health and social care system faces and how we respond to these challenges.

This should lead to a view of health and social care in the year 2020 that is shared by organisational partners, the public and clinicians, enabling health and social care organisations to then work together, with the public of Sheffield, to implement the changes agreed.

A launch event for '2020 Vision' was held in May - find out more about the launch event here

How we got people involved

You can find our 2020 Vision engagement report for October 2015 here.

The CCG and partner organisations have had a number of city wide engagement events and opportunities for patients, the public and health and social care staff to have their say, you can see our "Changing the balance - A 2020 Vision of Health and Social Care in Sheffield" presentation here.

  • You can sign up to the CCG 'involve me' network

Through this you will be kept informed of all our engagement opportunities. Click here to sign up to 'involve me'.

Challenges and Aims

It is important to make changes now to ensure we have a system fit for future demand. Find out more about the challenges we face and our aims for health and social care in the next five years here







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