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The NHS is 65 this year. Every day the NHS helps people stay healthy, recover from illness and live independent and fulfilling lives. 

If the NHS is to survive for another 65 years, in must change. We know that there are differences in the quality of care across the country. We know that occasionally the NHS fails to live up to the high expectations we have of it. We must ensure we always deliver a safe, high quality, value for money service. 

We must place far greater emphasis on supporting people to stay well in order to lead illness-free lives: preventing conditions developing rather than treating illnesses. We also need to do far more to support those with mental health conditions and particular communities who experience health inequalities. 

This is a national debate, but we are asking local people and organisations how they think we can address the issues in our area. We would very much appreciate if you could spare the time to share your thoughts about how we may be able to address these issues by completing this survey. 

Please note the seven questions in this survey are open ended and therefore may take approximately 30 minutes to complete.

Call To Action Survey Link Below


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