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Improving Cancer Care In Sheffield

Improving Cancer Care In Sheffield

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Developing our work programme for 2016/17

In 2015/16 NHS Sheffield CCG and Sheffield City Council undertook work to understand the needs of Sheffield residents in relation to prevention, diagnosis, treatment and living with cancer.  This involved looking at information and data to understand specific risks, how many people are diagnosed with cancer and how many people are living with a cancer diagnosis. 

We found out that:

  • 4 in 10 cancers can be prevented by lifestyle changes, such as maintaining a healthy weight, cutting down on alcohol and quitting smoking
  • Some people in Sheffield worry they have cancer symptoms but do not seek advice from their GP – this is worrying because early identification of symptoms means that people can be treated more quickly
  • In Sheffield, only three quarter of women access the breast and cervical screening they are entitled to receive on the NHS. Only two thirds of people respond to their bowel screening invitation.  In some areas of the city, these numbers are much lower. 
  • As a city, Sheffield has a slightly higher mortality rate than England for cancer, in particular for preventable cancers such as lung cancer and bowel cancer. Sheffield residents are also more likely to be diagnosed with cancer after presenting as an emergency to A&E rather than earlier referral via their GP or screening.
  • As a city, Sheffield residents who are being treated for cancer are pleased with the treatment they receive.
  • Half of people diagnosed with cancer will live for longer than 10 years. After coming to the end of treatment people sometimes need support to maintain a healthy lifestyle, look after their mental health and emotional wellbeing, and to return to work or other activities.

These are written up in the Sheffield Cancer Health Needs Assessment 2015.

We discussed these findings with a number of other organisations in the city such as hospitals, cancer charities and GPs, in order to understand what the data was telling us and what actions we might wish to take. We now wish to discuss these with Sheffield residents, including people living with and beyond cancer and their families and we have developed a leaflet to help with this. We have also started to plan for the potential areas of action for 2016/17 –

You can also download our Improving Cancer Care in Sheffield leaflet and easy read here: 

Please take 5 minutes to complete our short survey and have your say on Improving Cancer Care in Sheffield.
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