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Interpreting Services and Equality Delivery System

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The NHS Equality Delivery System (EDS) was developed by NHS England to help local NHS organisations, in discussion with local partners and the public, to review and improve their performance for people with protected characteristics. By using the EDS2, NHS organisations can deliver on the Public Sector Equality Duty (PSED).

EDS2 focuses on four goals:

  1. Better health outcomes.
  2. Improved patient access and experience
  3. A representative and supported work force
  4. Inclusive leadership.

The focus for implementing EDS2 will be on goals 1 and 2.  Within these goals there are a series of outcomes or exemplars of good practice such as “individual people’s health needs are assessed and met in appropriate ways”.  By listening to local people and gathering data, evidence can be drawn in order to self-assess ourselves, with our partners, on how we are performing against ratings of “undeveloped, developing, achieving, excelling”. 

Our plan is to use the EDS2 framework on one service which is interpretation and translation services in GP services/ primary care to assess how well we are performing, look at best practice and identify areas to improve. This will be put into an EDS2 action plan.

Access and delivery of interpretation and translation services has been highlighted as an issue when CCG has been engaging with communities in the City.

You can see our EDS2 Engagement Plan on the Interpreting Service here.

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