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How we involve people in our decision making

NHS Sheffield CCG values the involvement of the public in its local and collective decisions, and we utilise various engagement approaches to ensure an inclusive approach to involving the diversity of our citizens.

We engage with members of the public at the earliest opportunity in our decision making process. In addition to direct regular contact with our citizens through the Involve Me network and city-wide engagement meetings, we hear from harder to reach communities through tailored approaches and partnership working with HealthWatch Sheffield; and the voluntary, community and faith sector in the City. We also identify opportunities for public representatives to be directly involved in our planning and decision making through participation in project meetings, partnership boards and procurement activities.

Many local people give their time and energy to engage with us on specific topics. Information about these activities can be found here. Sharing the outcomes of our decision making with the public, and highlighting where public voice has impacted on our plans and decisions is vitally important to building trust with our communities and encouraging more involvement.

Two Lay Members are identified with responsibility for public engagement. Between them they Chair the Strategic Patient Engagement, Experience and Equality and Quality Assurance Committees, as well as being voting members of the Governing Body; and Remuneration, Primary Care Commissioning and Audit and Integrated Governance Committees. This further ensures there is a voice for patients and the public throughout our decision making and governance.

We consult with relevant Overview and Scrutiny Committees:


Strategic Patient Engagement, Experience and Equality Committee (SPEEEC)

Our engagement activity is overseen and assured by our Strategic Public Engagement, Equality and Experience Committee whose members include local people, Governing Body lay members, HealthWatch Sheffield, the Local Authority and Sheffield University.

The Committee has delegated responsibility from our Governing Body to:

  • gain assurance that engagement, patient experience and equality and diversity activity is being carried out in line with statutory requirements and to a high standard by the CCG and by its providers
  • gain assurance that information from this activity is used appropriately to influence commissioning
  • oversee equalities, engagement and experience activity
  • assure work in these areas is effectively joined up with partners

We are currently recruiting for two public representatives to join this committee. You can find more information about the role and how to apply here.

The Terms of Reference for the Strategic Public Engagement, Equality and Experience Committee can be found here.

Key points sent to Governing Body from the Strategic Public Engagement, Equality and Experience Committee can be found in the Governing Body papers here.


Communications and Engagement Strategy

Our Communications and Engagement Strategy sets out the principles we follow when engaging with the public, and the key ways we involve local people in our decision making.

We will ensure that we are always:

  • Open, honest and transparent
  • Accurate, fair and balanced
  • Timely and relevant
  • Cost effective
  • Clear, using plain English and accessible, in line with the NHS England information accessibility standards 

You can find our Communications and Engagement Strategy here.

The Communications and Engagement Strategy will be updated by June 2019.



Appropriately supporting local people to have their say and genuinely influence our commissioning decisions is a priority for us.

We believe that our values and behaviours speak louder than words and have developed a Volunteering Policy to ensure staff offer consistent and appropriate support to individuals who help our work. This includes reimbursement of out of pocket expenses tailored to an individual’s circumstances, but as standard for travel, caring responsibilities and subsistence costs.

You can find our Volunteering Policy here.

We also involve volunteers who give their time to multiple organisations in the city as part of our partnership responsibilities. It is important to ensure that those people are appropriately trained, supported and reimbursed. Examples of these roles include our Autism Partnership Board (in conjunction with the Local Authority), our Musculoskeletal ambassadors (in conjunction with Sheffield Teaching Hospitals) and Dance to Health volunteers (in conjunction with voluntary organisations).

If you are interested in volunteering with the CCG, please contact us on SHECCG.engagementactivity@nhs.net or 0114 305 4609 to find out more.


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