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Being Active with Diabetes

Being Active with Diabetes
06 January 2020

 Anyone living with diabetes is invited to attend a brilliant and free event looking at being active – being motivated, why we should, what we can get from it and managing the risks.

The conference is being held at Ponds Forge on Saturday January 18th, 10 – 4.30, is open to anyone living with diabetes (from 5 to 105)! It’s important to book, so that attendees can choose the workshops they want to be in and get their free lunch and refreshments!

The Move More with Diabetes event will help people to increase their activity levels, which will help in managing their diabetes, and is open to people from 5 to 105 who live with diabetes. Presenters include top academics, top clinicians and brilliantly active people who’ve got diabetes, and we intend the day to be fun, educational and inspiring, enabling problem and success sharing and helping people to find what works for them. We’ll also be thrilled to hear from Muhammad Ali the professional boxer who’s joining us on the day!

Many of the volunteers on the day also happen to be health professionals who’ll be happy to chat and answer questions about diabetes and staying healthy.

Margaret Fowler from Sheffield Diabetes UK said, "We’re hosting this event because being active has a wealth of benefits, even helping some people’s diabetes go into remission. However, it can have risks for us, and we’ll look at getting the most from exercise while keeping ourselves safe to enjoy it.

"We want to help people to have the confidence and skills to reach their goals. - we know for some that could just be leaving their home and walking to the local shop, whereas for others it could be building their running from half a kilometre to 5k, and so on.

"We'll be working with children and teens who have diabetes, with Dr Carrie Mackenzie and Gerry Bennett from SCH, and Gavin Griffiths (@DiAthlete), to help children, teens & families build their confidence and knowledge."

Dr Andy Douglas, Sheffield GP, Move More Lead Sheffield CCG PHE Physical Activity Clinical Champion said: "I am really enthusiastic about this event, as the health benefits of physical activity for people with diabetes are so important. It is at least as beneficial as the majority of the medications we use for type 2 diabetics. I’ve seen patients with type 2 diabetes essentially cure their condition by using solely dietary changes and physical activity."

Dr Jo Maher, Wincobank Medical Centre, GP Move More Lead, Sheffield CCG, said: "New Year is often a time when our patients are contemplating making healthy changes. This innovative Diabetes UK event at Ponds Forge aims to promote engagement in physical activity and provide support to anyone with diabetes - that’s over 32,000 people in Sheffield, so people need to book as soon as they can!"

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