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COVID-19 rap song released to encourage vaccination

COVID-19 rap song released to encourage vaccination
05 August 2021

Sheffield rapper, Sliime, has written and recorded a new rap song that aims to inform and inspire young people to get their jabs.

The rap is part of the efforts of NHS Sheffield Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) to increase vaccination rates among young people. 

‘Allow it’ is also one of the first rap songs in the country to tackle vaccine hesitancy. One of the themes is disinformation on social media that has led to some young people rejecting the vaccination.

In his opening verse Sliime raps:


I can tell this corona ain’t really in a rush

To fade away and some said the vaccine ain’t gonna do me much

Heard it’s something I wouldn’t wanna touch

I’m hearing that it’s full of bugs

Or Everything other than what it really does

But then I seen not to believe the posts with no source

Cause when you find out for yourself you’ll see it’s all talk


Sliime said: “I wrote the rap because young people like me need to hear the truth about the vaccine and to cut through the conspiracy theories on social media, in a way they can relate to.

“I was hesitant when I first heard about the vaccine but then I started looking into it and when I came across any information I would dig a bit deeper, to see if their claims were backed up by official sources. I even started reading scientific articles to educate myself.

“The lyrics of the rap challenge some of the sillier theories like there is a microchip in it.  I hope that if you hear my rap you will look at the vaccine in a different light and allow it because it’s the only way we can go back to seeing each other and enjoying life like it used to be, like hitting the town!”


The rapper was commissioned to write the song by Burngreave based youth group, Reach Up Youth, who are one of 26 community organisations in the city to be funded by the CCG to increase vaccination rates in communities that face barriers or are more reluctant.  

Safiyya Saeed, founder of the group, was looking for imaginative ways to connect with young people and worked with Sliime  to produce the rap. She is clear about why it’s needed: “Young people are on socials, they’re on Snapchat, they’re sharing songs and campaigning, and this is what the aim was with this. It’s about expressing their worries, concerns, and feelings.

“This past year they’ve been struggling with isolation, covid, mixed messages from the media, and their mental health when feeling trapped in their homes.

“These young people are ready and waiting to make change in this pandemic. Young people want to part of the solution, not part of the problem.”

Alun Windle, Chief Nurse and Covid Vaccination Lead at NHS Sheffield CCG, said: “I want to thank Sliime and Safiya for their creativity which has come at the right time as young people are showing greater resistance to the vaccination. This rap is a brilliant way to get their attention and address their concerns.  

“To end the pandemic and keep our freedoms, we need as many people as possible to be vaccinated and this includes people under the age of 30. 

“Most of those still unvaccinated are younger and at much lower risk of severe illness but many have still contracted the virus and are in our hospitals. Covid vaccines are safe and save lives. It is much safer to fight illnesses through vaccination than by catching the virus and treating it.”


The rap song will be released on the NHS Sheffield CCG Twitter and Facebook at 1pm on Saturday 7 August 2021.  

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