Out of hours cervical screening in Sheffield
04 November 2021

Women in Sheffield are being offered the option to have can have their cervical screenings outside of working hours as the number of women having their cervical screening test, sometimes referred to as a smear test, hit a significant low during the pandemic.

From March until September 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, three million fewer people were cervically screened according to cervical cancer charity Jo’s Trust.

It is vitally important to attend your cervical screening appointment when you’re eligible. It helps prevent cervical cancer by checking for a virus called high-risk HPV and cervical cell changes.

To make cervical screenings more accessible, NHS Sheffield Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has commissioned three out-of-hour hubs for women to have their cervical screening in the evenings or at the weekend.

Almost one in 10 women were only offered times they couldn’t make the last time they tried to book an appointment, according to Jo’s Trust.

Louise Metcalfe, primary lead nurse for cancer at NHS Sheffield CCG, said: “It is important that we make getting your cervical screening as easy and accessible as possible to increase the uptake.

“Getting your cervical smear can save your life and only takes a few minutes. With the help of these out-of-hour hubs, it’s never been easier to fit into a busy schedule.

“Throughout the pandemic, the number of women attending cervical screenings in Sheffield hit significant lows. A screening could save your life. Ask your GP about our out-of-hours hubs to have yours.”

A GP will refer a patient to the hubs if they cannot attend a regular appointment at their local Practice or if requested by the patient.

The out-of-hour hubs are at Fairlawns, Middlewood Road, Sheffield, S6 1TT, Woodhouse Health Centre, Skelton Lane, Sheffield, S13 7LY, and The Flowers Health Centre, Wincobank Avenue, Sheffield, S5 6AZ.

The hubs open from 6pm – 10pm on weekday evenings and 10am – 6pm, Saturday and Sunday.

For more information about the out-of-hour hubs in Sheffield, visit the Primary Care Sheffield website.

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