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Chair's blog - stepping down as chair and welcome to Lesley

Chair's blog - stepping down as chair and welcome to Lesley
12 July 2019

Hello and welcome to my latest blog.

There have been a few changes at the CCG since my last blog; we now have a new Accountable Officer, Lesley Smith. Lesley is the Accountable Officer for Barnsley CCG and she will be splitting her time between there and Sheffield CCG.

Lesley’s appointment to the CCG is great news. She is a very experienced Chief Executive having spent over 12 years as a Chief Executive in the NHS, both in Yorkshire and in Scotland and with 15 years of board level experience, across provider and commissioning organisations. I’m looking forward to seeing what she can bring to Sheffield CCG.

There have also been some changes announced that relate to me. You may have read in the local news that I am due to leave my post as Chair in September.

I have been in this role for 7 years, since the inception of the CCG and I am proud to be the first and only chair of the CCG and I have seen lots of changes and successes during this time. As the CCG now has a new accountable officer in Lesley, and in light of future changes to commissioning structures within the NHS, I feel now is the right time for me to step down and pass the baton on to a new chair to lead the CCG through this next phase.

Reducing health inequalities in Sheffield has always been one of my priorities and commitments as chair and I have made sure that this aim has been at the forefront of our decision making as a CCG.

Through my role as Chair of the CCG I have had opportunities in influencing the government around key issues and challenges facing Sheffield through my national work with the board of NHS Clinical Commissioners. I have also been the co-chair of the Sheffield Health and Wellbeing Board with Sheffield City Council and chair of joint commissioning committee of South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw.

These are all accolades I am proud of but what I can say I am most proud of during my time as Chair is our staff and the continuous hard work and dedication they, and governing body, show. They all do an excellent job and play their part in making Sheffield a healthier city.

I am currently working my notice period and will leave the CCG in September, the selection process for a new Chair will start shortly.

Although I am stepping down from my CCG roles as locality GP for west and as chair, I will continue in my role as GP at Oughtibridge Surgery where I am a senior partner. But what I am looking forward to is having some extra time to get out and about on my motorbike, hopefully around France, and of course practicing with my bands!

The weather seems to have picked up and it looks like we are finally getting a bit of summer! I hope you can all enjoy the nice weather with your friends and family but if you do get ill, remember to choose the right services to ensure you get the best treatment. You can find out which service you need on our website here. Your local pharmacist is usually the best person to help with minor ailments and illnesses.

Until next time,


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