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 ‘DNA Man’ combats missed appointments across Sheffield

 ‘DNA Man’ combats missed appointments across Sheffield
22 March 2018

GPs have worked with children to create a new superhero to combat people not turning up for their GP appointments.

Chapelgreen GP Practice worked with Ecclesfield School to create ‘DNA (Did Not Attend) Man’, the superhero figurehead for the campaign which is now being rolled out across their neighbouring practices.

NHS Sheffield Clinical Commissioning Group plan to spread DNA Man’s message of ‘Can’t make it? Cancel it!’ across Sheffield through their ‘neighbourhoods’ initiative, where practices share resources and work together to coordinate health and social care for people in their local area.

Nicky Normington, NHS Sheffield CCG North Locality Manager said, “DNA Man is a great example of how a simple idea can be spread to benefit local GP practices. When people don’t turn up for GP appointments it costs the NHS money and drives up waiting times for other patients. All practices have a problem with people not attending appointments from time to time, so sharing Chapelgreen Practice’s hard work to tackle these challenges together will save money and is a win win for all.”

Across their branches in High Green and Chapeltown, Chapelgreen Practice participated in a regional pilot programme to reduce ‘Did Not Attends’. They have introduced small changes over a 6 month period, including approaching patients who fail to attend on a regular basis, and adding a ‘patient promise’ at the end of each appointment booking, asking people to promise to cancel the appointment is they can’t attend.

Kathy Peasegood, Deputy Manager at Chapelgreen Practice, has found positive results from the project so far: “We have seen a significant reduction of ‘Did Not Attends’ whilst piloting these small changes, and we are confident that the introduction of DNA Man  will help reduce these even further.

Jemma Smith of Chapelgreen Practice worked closely with the School to create a story around the DNA Man. Jemma said, “We’ve enjoyed educating and involving the extremely creative students at Ecclesfield School. We have already shared DNA Man with Ecclesfield, Fox Hill, Mill Road and Grenoside GP Surgeries, but we hope we can share these resources with many other practices across the city.”

DNA Man was initially designed by Henry Moody, son of GP Partner Dr Nicola Moody. The project was introduced at Ecclesfield School for pupils to create a story and a cartoon strip for the superhero. These cartoons will be displayed on health information screens in GP waiting rooms and DNA Man will also be raising awareness with a range of promotional material.

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