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GP Practices partner with parkrun

GP Practices partner with parkrun
29 October 2018

GP Practices partner with parkrun

NHS Sheffield Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is supporting GP practices to become ‘parkrun practices’. The scheme aims to see thousands of patients being ‘prescribed’ outdoor physical activity rather than medication.

In partnership with parkrun UK and the Royal College of General Practitioners, ‘parkrun practices’ will see GPs and other healthcare professionals signposting patients and carers to their local parkrun. Encouraging exercise at these free weekly runs across Sheffield will help the health and wellbeing of many different patients, including those with mental health and long term health conditions.

The ‘parkrun practices’ scheme is being supported and rolled out with the help of the CCG’s ‘Neighbourhoods’ initiative, a scheme that helps GP practices work together to improve patient experience and access to care.

Nicki Doherty, Director for Delivery – Care Outside of Hospital at the CCG, said: “In Sheffield, GP practices, community and voluntary groups, social care and housing services have joined together to form 16 groups across the city – these are known as Neighbourhoods.

“Working in these Neighbourhood groups means we can bring together our services and our staff to work in a way that makes it easier for people to access the support and care they need. It’s about joining up our work.

“Sheffield is a diverse city, and so each Neighbourhood works to meet the individual health and social needs of their particular area. Schemes like ‘parkrun practices’ can benefit patients citywide, and so we’re happy to see a lot of different Neighbourhoods getting involved.”


For more information about the scheme, please click here.

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