Make face coverings for GP practice patients
03 July 2020

Patients visiting GP practices for any reason, will be asked to bring and wear a face covering when in the practice, whether that be to pick up a prescription or to attend an appointment. A scarf or other fabric item wrapped around your nose and mouth is also acceptable.

GP practices may be unable to supply patients with a face covering who don’t bring one with them. This is where you come in, we’re asking the public to make and donate face coverings to GP practices in Sheffield to hand to patients visiting the practice, if they don’t bring their own. These face coverings will be taken home by the patient and won't be reused by the practice.


  • There are lots of guides online for home-made face coverings, including this one from 

    You will need:

  • two 25cm x 25cm squares of cotton fabric
  • two 20cm pieces of elastic (or string or cloth strips)
  • needle and thread
  • scissors


  • All materials must be able to be washed at 65 degrees
  • Do not, make, send or deliver masks if you have COVID-19 symptoms

These coverings do not replace the PPE being used by staff in clinical areas. They are simply a way to slow the spread of covid-19 by people who don’t know they are infected.


How to get your completed face coverings to us:


  • Drop off at the CCG reception for the attention of the ‘facilities team’
  • Send via post to our FREEPOST address: NHS Sheffield CCG, 722 Prince of Wales Rd, Darnall, Sheffield S9 4EU


Thank you for your support!

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