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NHS Sheffield CCG’s stance on tackling racism and inequalities

NHS Sheffield CCG’s stance on tackling racism and inequalities
12 June 2020

NHS Sheffield CCG’s stance on tackling racism and inequalities

Recently our attentions have been drawn to the injustices and treatment that people from black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) backgrounds face following the horrific death of George Floyd in the USA.

This has raised the issue of structural and ingrained racism and inequalities not just in the USA but over here in the UK and Sheffield too. This is made clear by the recent Public Health England report into the disproportionate impact covid-19 is having on people from BAME backgrounds. The risk of dying from covid-19 is higher among BAME people. In addition to this, all deaths of BAME people during the covid crisis have also gone up relative to white people. These are sobering statistics.

We have a zero tolerance to racism and discrimination here at the CCG and we are working hard to reduce inequalities and stand up to racism but we know that we can do better.

As a CCG we have a responsibility as a NHS commissioner to reduce health inequalities in BAME communities through the services we plan and buy on behalf of the people of Sheffield - now more so than ever as the covid-19 pandemic continues. We will reflect on this and work with our partners in the city to fight structural racism and address the long standing issues and prejudices that mean BAME people have poorer health outcomes than other members of our communities.

We have a responsibility to promote the diverse voices of both the public and our workforce. Over the last two months, we have been engaging with Sheffield communities about health issue and how they are affected by changes made to how health services are accessed and delivered in the city. We are currently engaging with BAME groups to try and understand the impact the virus has had. We are sharing these insights with key decision makers in the city so we can be sure that we are making the best decisions we can for BAME people living in Sheffield.

The CCG is a diverse organisation in terms of gender and there are many women in senior roles but more needs to be done to increase the number of staff members from BAME backgrounds and address the imbalance in BAME staff in senior roles. We want to be an organisation that truly reflects and represents all our communities.

We are working with our staff, particularly our BAME staff, to look at how we can address inequalities at the CCG. We are currently working towards setting up a BAME staff network that we hope will offer peer support and networking to our BAME staff, inform our policy around equality issues, and raise awareness of issues facing our BAME colleagues. We want to listen to the lived experience of our staff and use this experience to learn and develop and make our work place more inclusive.

The current issues that are being raised in the media and through protests are a reminder that it is time to take action and take a stand against racism, inequalities and injustices. We currently don’t have all the answers on how to do this, but by working with BAME communities, our staff, and partners in the city we are determined to find them, so we can become a more equal city, that stands up to racism together.


Lesley Smith Accountable Officer


Terry Hudsen Chair


Brian Hughes Deputy Accountable Officer



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