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Patients in Sheffield to benefit from more services delivered in their local GP practice

Patients in Sheffield to benefit from more services delivered in their local GP practice
08 July 2019

Patients in Sheffield are set to see more health and wellbeing services delivered in their communities thanks to the roll-out of Primary Care Networks across the City.

Primary Care Networks are a national initiative as outlined in the NHS Long Term Plan.

The networks will see GP practices work together to coordinate health and social care for people in their local area, and consider how to make the best and most effective use of local services.

The Primary Care Network model is an important component of the Sheffield neighbourhoods model which the city has been doing for over two years, whereby GP practices have joined together to form groups across the city in order to work more closely together, to enhance the services available and meet the needs of patients locally in their communities. 

NHS Sheffield CCG has approved 15 Primary Care Networks, which will continue to support the model of neighbourhood working and continue positive working relationships with partners in the voluntary and community sector.

Each network has a set of priorities based on the health and social needs of their particular area. There is also a strong focus on preventing ill health, reducing unnecessary hospital admissions and supporting people to gain control of their own health and wellbeing.

Dr Tim Moorhead, GP and CCG Chair, said: “It’s great to see that a joint approach to delivering care has become a national priority as part of the NHS Long Term Plan. Creating a sustainable model with improved services for patients has been a key focus in our vision for primary care in Sheffield, which previously saw the introduction of our neighbourhoods scheme.

“We are looking forward to building on this as a Primary Care Network to introduce more ways to work together and to help people to stay well and get the care they need as close to home as possible.

“The community we live in has a massive influence on our health and wellbeing and each network can set up their own offer based on their community’s needs. This means patients will have more access to a wider workforce of health and wellbeing professionals and a range of services in their local area.

“Primary Care Networks are a really important development in terms of investing in primary care and are a critical foundation to the delivery of health and care to meet the needs of the Sheffield population.”

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