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Sheffield CCG continues to be rated as ‘Good’

Sheffield CCG continues to be rated as ‘Good’
13 July 2018

NHS Sheffield Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has been rated as “good” by NHS England for the second year running as part of an annual assessment known as Improvement Assessment Framework.

The results, published yesterday, show we are in the top 25% of CCGs for a number of areas. Our big success is being top of league for primary care access which reflects our investment into the extended opening hours for the people of Sheffield. We also excelled on 18 week waits for treatment as we have some of the lowest waits in the country.

As part of the process, the CCG had an annual review where we were congratulated on our focus on reducing health inequalities and improving outcomes for the population of Sheffield. NHS England also highlighted the success of the CCG leadership team and the focus on working with partners across the city and the region.  

Maddy Ruff, NHS Sheffield CCG Accountable Officer said “It’s fantastic news that we’ve been able to maintain our rating and improve across many areas despite the challenges facing the CCG and the NHS in Sheffield. NHS England has commended us ‘on maintaining this strong level of performance”.

“I want to thank all CCG staff and members for their support and commitment as they have helped maintain an overall ‘good’ rating. I am proud of them all and believe this good rating reflects their hard work”.

We know we still have more work to do and have a plan to do this.  This includes A&E waits, ambulance handover times, delayed transfers and diagnostic tests. Since the assessment we have improved in many of these areas and continue to focus on this.

The full dashboard is published on the “My NHS” section of the NHS Choices website and is available at https://www.nhs.uk/service-search/performance-indicators/organisations/ccg-year-end-2015-assurance-assessment?ResultsViewId=1176

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