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Sheffield continues to tackle the unnecessary use of antibiotics

Sheffield continues to tackle the unnecessary use of antibiotics
15 January 2018

Health services in Sheffield have reduced the number of antibiotics prescriptions by nearly 12%. The reduction is an effort to combat antibiotics losing their effectiveness, which is happening at an increasing rate.

Taking antibiotics when they’re not needed encourages harmful bacteria in the body to become resistant; this means antibiotics may not work when needed next time.

It is estimated that at least 5,000 deaths are caused every year in England because antibiotics no longer work for some infections, and this figure is set to rise. Experts predict that failure to take care of this problem will mean that in 30 years’ time, antibiotic resistance will kill more people than cancer and diabetes combined.

Dr Andrew McGinty, GP and NHS Sheffield Clinical Commissioning Group Clinical Director for Active Ageing, Cancer, End of Life Care and Long-term Conditions said, “Sheffield health services have been working very hard to minimise the prescribing of antibiotics in situations where the use of them is likely to be of no or limited value.

“Over the last five years, the number of prescribed antibiotic courses has been reduced by over 3,350 (12%) This is a healthy reduction, which is in line with overall progress across the rest of the country.”

To help keep antibiotics working, doctors and nurses across Sheffield will be continuing to find healthier alternatives for patients wherever appropriate. These may include treating illness at home, or referring them to other healthcare professionals such as pharmacists.

Using these alternatives is the best way to fight the threat of antibiotic resistance; patients are urged to always take their doctor or nurse’s advice.

Dr McGinty continued, “Even though we have seen a good reduction in the number of antibiotic courses prescribed in recent years, please remember that everyone can play their part in preserving our antibiotics for this and future generations.”

For more information, please visit https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/antibiotics/.

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