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8 in 10 Sheffield patients rate Sheffield GP practices as ‘good’

8 in 10 Sheffield patients rate Sheffield GP practices as ‘good’
16 August 2018


8 in 10 Sheffield patients rate Sheffield GP practices as ‘good’


  • Results from the recent GP Patient Survey found  83% of patients rated their GP practice as ‘Very good’ or ‘Fairly good’
  • 89% of those surveyed found Sheffield GP receptionists to be helpful
  • Sheffield GPs ranked highly on specific experiences of care, such as assistance managing long term conditions and understanding mental health needs. Sheffield is higher than the national average in these areas
  • NHS Sheffield Clinical Commissioning group is currently analysing the data, and will use the findings to further make improvements
  • Findings from the survey are based on a sample of 8,725 patients across the population of Sheffield (currently 599,930 people in total)


GP practices in Sheffield have been rated ‘good’ by 8 out of 10 people in the new GP Patient Survey.

The survey, conducted by independent social research institute Ipsos MORI, received the views of over 8,000 patients from across the 81 GP practices in the city.

All GP practices in Sheffield are members of NHS Sheffield Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), and these results will influence the CCG’s decision making around primary care for the future.

Each practice was ranked on a number of different criteria, with questions focusing around access, booking appointments and experience of care. For each question posed, Sheffield on the whole scored within 4% of the national averages.

Specific successes for Sheffield included 89% of those surveyed agreeing that GP receptionists were helpful. Sheffield also ranked higher than the national averages for patients getting enough support to help manage long term health conditions (with 80% of patients agreeing), and for healthcare professionals recognising and/or understanding any mental health needs patients had had during their time at the practice (with 88% patients agreeing).

The GP Patient Survey also helped to identify key opportunities and ways for practices and Sheffield health chiefs to improve for the future. The team at NHS Sheffield CCG are working to analyse the data and identify next steps.

Dr Tim Moorhead, Sheffield GP and Chair of NHS Sheffield CCG said: “We know that we have opportunities to improve access to care, making appointments and GP waiting times in some areas of the city and we’re working hard to do this. We make significant financial investments every year, and recently have been working with practices to combat things like missed appointments and better care navigation. Working through our ‘Neighbourhoods’ scheme is also helping to make sure all practices provide the same high levels of quality and access. We will continue sharing information and best practice through this network.

“We’re also already working with NHS England on extending opening times for different types of care, and we recognise the other opportunities that will arise though the Urgent Care Consultation, which is currently being undertaken.

“There are also a lot of other ways that we review services throughout the year, such as asking patients to rate their experiences via text, and working with the Patient Participation Groups at each practice. These means we’re continually working to improve things for the people of Sheffield.

“By listening to people and responding appropriately, we’re making a lot of progress, which will hopefully be reflected in next year’s survey.”

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