The CCG's first Annual Report (2013-14) can be viewed here: NHS Sheffield CCG Annual Report.

The full document is written in such a way as it addresses our statutory duties, and therefore is not the easiest read. We have therefore also made the following to help you to understand what we have achieved in our first year of being as a CCG:

Annual Report Infographics

Infographic Summary Page 1 - Click here

Infographic Summary Page 2  - Click here

Annual Report Video

Our Chair Dr Tim Moorhead has also recorded his highlights from our first year. See below the video for timings should you only wish to view a particular part.

  • 0.00 Introduction
  • 0.40 Becoming an approved organisation in our first year
  • 1.15 Delivering our statutory requirements and targets
  • 1.50 Improving patient experience
  • 3.20 Delivering high quality services
  • 4.05 The future - Care closer to home
  • 5.05 The future - Finances
  • 5.40 The CCG -a GP led organisation
  • 6.20 Patient involvement
  • 7.30 Working in partnerships
  • 8.20 Summary and close

For general information about the CCG - who we are and what we do: click here

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