Active Support and Recovery

Active Support and Recovery (ASR) focuses on creating truly 'person-centered' care, where services are built around the user. It’s about working with our partners and providers to create the right model of care.

The main aim of ASR is to keep people well and out of hospital where appropriate. We want to improve the health and wellbeing of people who use health and care support and services in Sheffield. The objectives of this work include:

  • Coordinated care with health and social care services
  • Services 'built' around the patient
  • Personalised response
  • 24/7 response
  • Seamless care

What do we intend to do?

  • Support people to stay at home and avoid unnecessary hospital or care home admissions
  • Respond quickly when people need additional or different type(s) of support so they stay out of hospital or long term care or their stay is kept to a minimum
  • Make sure if people are admitted they are discharged with the right support to help speed up their recovery and increase their level of independence

Our Aims:

  • Be accessible and provide timely assessment
  • Use care planning, help people access the best support and stop them becoming unwell
  • Use friends, family and community resources to support a healthy life
  • Plan in advance so everyone knows what to do in a crisis
  • One care plan in plain language so everyone can understand and use it
  • One assessment with the person which is shared (with consent) with others involved in their care
  • Our practitioners are skilled and trained in providing assessments and plans

In June 2015, work took place with all of the stakeholders to create the model of care. Please click on the resources below to find out more

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