We are working with Sheffield City Council and Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust on the “Future Shape Children’s Health” programme and subject to the level of additional resources which we can make available, intend to take the following actions as part of the CCG’s contribution to that programme:

  • Improve elective care services and improve care in the community by ensuring it is accessible
  • Develop new ways of working within the community between primary care and wider children's and family support services to improve access
  • Work with education and children's services within the local authority to improve joint assessment and access to provision for children with complex needs
  • Improve the services and pathway for women suffering from low level maternal mental health problems
  • Ensure people are accessing the right healthcare services for children and reduce the number of people using A&E services when they don't have an emergency or urgent care need
  • Develop a community mental health treatment service for young people
  • Work with other areas regionally to improve our community mental health services for children by understanding what they are doing and what works best 
  • Improve safeguarding pathways for children in Sheffield 

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