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Commissioners Working Together


Commissioners Working Together is a collaborative of eight clinical commissioning groups and NHS England across South and Mid Yorkshire, Bassetlaw and North Derbyshire – and NHS Sheffield CCG are part of it.

Planning and commissioning on a wider footprint is becoming increasingly urgent as more and more people use NHS services, live longer and technology and how care is delivered improves. For some services, there won’t be enough trained and experienced staff in the future and costs are exceeding funding in the future.

By working together to plan and commission services across a wider footprint, CWT is sharing knowledge, expertise and resource to find the best solutions.

The workstreams being explored within CWT are critical care for people who have had a stroke, children’s surgery and anaesthetic services, urgent and emergency care, living with and beyond cancer, smaller specialties (ENT, OMFS and ophthalmology) and a strategic review of all services.

Hearing from you

CWT recently consulted on proposals to change the way we provide two services in the region:

For up to date information on this consultation, visit https://smybndccgs.nhs.uk/about-us/about-the-programme.


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