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NHS Sheffield Clinical Commissioning Group has been legally dissolved and from 1 July 2022 has been replaced by a new organisation: NHS South Yorkshire Integrated Care Board (SY ICB). NHS South Yorkshire ICB is now responsible for commissioning and funding of health and care services locally. Please go to our new website for information about the work of NHS South Yorkshire ICB and details about how to contact us.

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We want you to have more care closer to your home...


Welcome to Sheffield Neighbourhoods

Everybody needs good neighbours when it comes to better health and wellbeing

Where we grow up, and the community we live in, has a massive influence on our health and wellbeing. With an ageing population and increased demand on public services however, health and social care services across the country are trying to find more ways to work together to help people to stay well and get the care they need as close to home as possible.

In Sheffield, GP practices have joined together to form 15 groups across the city – known as Neighbourhoods – along with their ‘neighbours’ from hospital, community, mental health, social care, housing services and local voluntary groups. Each Neighbourhood covers a population of around 30-50,000 people.

What do Neighbourhoods do?

Practices work together to coordinate health and social care for people in their local area, and consider how to make the best and most effective use of local services.

Each Neighbourhood has a set of priorities based on the health and social needs of their particular area. There is also a strong focus on preventing ill health, reducing unnecessary hospital admissions and supporting people to gain control of their own health and wellbeing.

Which Neighbourhood are you part of? Click here to view on the map  

You can calso find your GP Practice below to find out which Neighbourhood they belong to

What do Neighbourhoods look like?

Each Neighbourhood has a team made up of local GPs, nurses, social workers, pharmacists and the voluntary sector. They meet often and seek input from a range of other specialist health, social care, community and public services as and when required.

What happens in Neighbourhoods? Download our quick guide 

How do Neighbourhoods affect me?

Neighbourhoods are still in development but having them as a patient means:

Different Neighbourhoods have different health needs which can't be solved overnight. If you access local health and care services regularly, you might see some of these changes already. To everyone else, the change may be more subtle but the more services we can join up, the more you’ll see the difference. 

Be part of your Neighbourhood

Find out what your local Neighbourhood is concentrating on and how you can get involved here.

If you'd rather just keep up to date with what Neighbourhoods are up to in general, subscribe to Neighbourhood News or read past issues of Neighbourhood News.

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