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Transforming Care Partnership

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The South Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire Transforming Care Partnership (TCP) is a partnership led by Jackie Pederson, Accountable Officer from Doncaster CCG.  

The TCP has developed our area plan to reduce our reliance on in-patient specialist beds for people with learning disability.  

The plan is written in response to Building The Right Support and the National Service Model, published in October 2015, which sets out the national vision to transform models of care and support for people with learning disability and autism. 

It fully describes how the TCP will work collaboratively to deliver the 9 key principles of the BRS framework.


The learning from deaths of people with a learning disability (LeDeR) programme 

People with a learning disability often have poorer physical and mental health than other people and may face barriers to accessing health and care to keep them healthy. Too many people with a learning disability are dying earlier than they should, many from things which could have been treated or prevented. The LeDeR programme has been set up to improve the quality of health and social care for people with learning disabilities. It is doing this by supporting local areas to carry out reviews of the deaths of all people with learning disabilities. By finding out more about why people died we can understand what needs to be changed to make a difference to people’s lives.

What is a LeDeR review?

In a LeDeR review someone who is trained to carry out reviews, usually someone who is clinical or has a social work background, looks at the person’s life and the circumstances that led up to their death.

They look at the GPs records and social care and hospital records and speak to family members about the person who has died to find out more about them and their life experiences. One of the core principles of the LeDeR process is the inclusion of people with LD and their families and carers. From the information reviewers have, they makes recommendations to the local commissioning system about changes that could be made locally to help improve services for other people with a learning disability locally.

What happens with reviews once they are completed? 

Local areas use the findings of LeDeR reviews to make changes to services locally to help prevent people dying from things which could be treated and prevented. Sheffield CCG produces an annual report which describe their local action from learning. The Sheffield annual LeDeR report covers the period of November 2016 up until 30 September 2020. The aim of this report is to bring information together to understand and to reflect on themes that can inform and improve practice across the health and social care community in Sheffield.

The link for the report is below:

Sheffield Annual Learning Disability Mortality Review 

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