FOI Ref: 0011FOI1920

7th May 2019

Freedom of Information Act 2000 – Request for Information 

We are pleased to respond to your request for information and our response is set out below: 

Request/ Response

We would like to request the following information on your mental health section 117 services.

1. The total number of clients discharged from mental health services under a S117 still receiving ongoing after care.  Please provide this as three numbers CCG funded,  LA funded or Joint funded and by year ,2017,2018 


The CCG does not hold this information. Please contact Sheffield City Council ( or Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust ( for this information.

2.Please provide the name of any care system (software) used in the planning of a clients discharge from mental health services. 

Please see response to Q1.

3. Please provide the name of any care management system ( software ) used to manage S117 clients in the community  

Please see response to Q1.

4. Please provide details on when the software contract for discharge or care management of S117 patients terminates. 

Please see response to Q1.

5. Please provide details on the number of people employed in supporting client / patients who are in the community under a s117 aftercare service. 

Please see response to Q1.

6. Please provide a organisation structure diagram to indicate where S117 services fit within your organisation.

We have a 50:50 split with the Local Authority but all individuals are case managed by Sheffield City Council (SCC), not CCG. We therefore don’t have a structure but record those individuals with whom we have joint funding for on our local systems.

7. Please provide the job title of the person responsible for S117 services and the name of the Directorate that is responsible 

In the CCG the responsible lead for S117 is dependent on the portfolio to which it relates i.e. Mental Health (Deputy Director Mental Health Transformation & Integrated Commissioning), LDS (Strategic Commissioner Mental Health, SCC post), Joint Packages of Care (Head of CHC (Service Development Improvement & Business Delivery)).

8. Please provide the name of the post that works with LA to determine the appropriate funding split.

As per question 7 

9. Please provide details on the expenditure on S117 in 2016, 2017, 2018  

12M to 31/03/2016

 12M to 31/03/2017

 12M to 31/03/2018





10. Please provide the name and contact details for the head of service and the administrators name and contact details. 

Please see response to Q1.

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