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Clinical Commissioning Group Governing Body

The CCG Governing Body is responsible for NHS clinical commissioning decisions across Sheffield. They meet formally once a month and are a mixture of NHS clinicians, experienced NHS managers and lay members.

Meet the CCG Governing Body

Dr Terry Hudsen: Chair and Locality Nominated GP West Locality

Image  Terry Hudsen 2

Dr Terry Hudsen graduated in 2006 and started his medical career in anaesthesia before switching to General Practice training in Derbyshire. He is a GP Principal at the University of Sheffield Health Service and has a special interest in the health and wellbeing of young adults and university students.

Dr Hudsen has a keen interest and expertise in the use of information technology in improving peoples health and health promotion, having produced mobile applications for patients and clinical computer systems for doctors. He is passionate about preventative health by encouraging healthier lifestyles to prevent the burden of disease, reduce health inequality and improve people lives.

Email Business Manager Alison Kuppusamy: alison.kuppusamy1@nhs.net tel 0114 305 1040  /   PA Karen Shaw: karen.shaw3@nhs.net, tel 0114 305 1104


Lesley Smith: Accountable Officer

Lesley SMith

Lesley brings to the CCG a breadth of leadership experience of commissioning, service transformation and organisational development.  She is a very experienced Chief Executive having spent over 12 years as a Chief Executive in the NHS, both in Yorkshire and in Scotland and with 15 years of board level experience, across provider and commissioning organisations.

Her experience has included leading strategic change in large and complex cities comparable to Sheffield and she has played a leading role in the development of the South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw Integrated Care System.  She has been Accountable Officer at Barnsley CCG since 2015 and from June 2019  will combine her work in Barnsley with the role with of interim Accountable Officer at Sheffield CCG. 

Lesley lives in Leeds and is married with a grown up son and daughter.

Email Business Manager Alison Kuppusamy: alison.kuppusamy1@nhs.net tel 0114 305 1040  /                                      PA Karen Shaw: karen.shaw3@nhs.net, tel 0114 305 1104

Jackie Mills: Director of Finance

Jackie Mills

Jackie Mills is a charted public finance accountant with nearly 30 years NHS experience and was appointed as interim Director of Finance at NHS Sheffield CCG in June 2019. She joined the NHS in 1990 as part of the Graduate Financial Management Training scheme. She went on to hold a number of senior NHS appointments, the majority of which have been in the Sheffield health community.

Jackie is our lead executive director for finance, governance and corporate affairs.

Email PA Carol Henderson: carol.henderson2@nhs.net, tel 0114 305 1102.


Nicki Doherty: Director of Delivery – Care Outside of Hospital.

16 Nicki Doherty

Nicki is the Director of Delivery – Care Out of Hospital, responsible for the Transformation and Delivery Directorate. Nicki's areas of responsibility include: Primary Care; Active Support and Recovery; Active Aging, Long Term Conditions and End of Life Care; Communications and Engagement; Equality and Diversity and Emergency Preparedness Planning and Resilience. Nicki worked with partners across Sheffield to produce the Sheffield Place Based plan. 

Nicki has worked for the CCG since February 2015, before this she has a broad range of operational and corporate experience in the acute hospital sector, working for Newcastle Teaching Hospitals, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, Rotherham Foundation Trust and Barnsley Hospital Foundation Trust. In Newcastle Nicki was involved in delivering the 4-hour target, reducing delayed transfers of care, optimising theatre utilisation and managing the private patients service. In Sheffield she was the first Lead Cancer Manager, and the 18 Weeks Programme Coordinator; she was also responsible for managing and coordinating the Business Planning Team. In Rotherham she was Programme Director for the medical pathway review and 7 day services. She became the first General Manager for the Barnsley and Rotherham Integrated Laboratory Service. She went on to become General Manager in Barnsley for General and Specialised Medicine, Therapies, Trauma and Orthopaedics, Accident and Emergency, Care of the Elderly, Radiology, Pathology, Cancer Services, Medical Records, General Office, Switchboard and back office functions. 

Nicki is passionate about the NHS and designing services that work for both people who need them as well as people who deliver them.

Email PA Emma Wathall emma.wathall@nhs.net, 0114 305 1146.

 Mandy Philbin: Chief Nurse

17 Mandy Philbin

Mandy started her career as an auxiliary nurse in 1985. Her love for nursing subsequently saw her complete both Enrolled and Registered nurse training. By working in the health care setting for over 34 years, Mandy has gained experience working across hospital, community and hospice transformation programmes.    She attained an MSc in Leadership in Health and Social Care  from Bradford University and in 2016 completed the NHS Leadership Academy’s Nye Bevan.

Mandy’s passion is to reduce health inequalities and improve the quality of care by working closely with colleagues across the health and social care system in Sheffield.  She is keen to work with service users to gain a greater appreciation of what needs to be done to ensure that we offer the best possible care, at the right time in the right place.

Email PA Michelle Oakes michelle.oakes@nhs.net, 0114 305 1019

 Dr Zak McMurray: Medical Director

Dr Zak McMurray

Zak was raised in Sheffield after moving here with his family in 1975. He was educated at Silverdale and High Storrs schools, staying on in Sheffield to study medicine at Sheffield University. After qualifying in 1988 and completing the Sheffield GP vocational training scheme, Zak became a partner at Woodhouse Medical Centre and remained there for over 20 years.

He was elected to the South East Sheffield Primary Care Group in 1999 as a Board member and acted as mental health and commissioning lead before taking over as PEC Chair. During that time he is most proud of leading the development of practice based counselling services for the South East of the city, rolling out across the whole city some years later. Zak became joint PEC Chair with Dr Richard Oliver, on the creation of the Sheffield Primary Care Trust, moving to Joint Clinical Director within Sheffield Clinical Commissioning Group. He left his practice in June 2014 to take up his current substantive post as Medical Director.

Zak is a member of the Quality Assurance Committee, the Primary Care Commissioning Committee and the Sheffield Health and Wellbeing Board, as well as sitting on the CCG Governing Body and being an active member of the organisation's executive team. He will always be passionate about the NHS, preserving and championing its founding principles, to deliver the best possible care for the people of his adopted city.

Email PA Roni Foster-Ash: roni.foster-ash@nhs.net, tel 0114 305 1085.

 Brian Hughes: Director of Commissioning (Deputy Accountable Officer)

15 Brian Hughes

Brian Hughes was appointed as Director of Commissioning and Performance in May 2017. He is responsible for the commissioning and contracting for services across the city, with lead responsibility for planned care, urgent care, and mental health, working in partnership with CCG’s Lead Clinical Directors. He also leads on Information, Performance and the Programme Management Office within the CCG.

Prior to joining us he was employed within NHS England in the role of Locality Director for West Yorkshire. His career has focused on performance improvement and delivery, holding previous roles at Regional (Yorkshire and Humber) and sub-Regional (South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw) levels, including Director roles in Operations and Delivery, and Performance and Accountability. He has also experience in primary care commissioning as Director of Business Development and Innovation, and has worked within an acute hospital environment on hospital-wide improvement programmes, and strategic development. A career in performance improvement was enhanced through working in the Audit Commission in the Value for Money arena. He studied in Sheffield, in a subject area that he has subsequently worked in for over 20 years.

Email PA Laura Garner: laura.garner2@nhs.net, tel 0114 305 1854

 Dr Marion Sloan: Elected GP Member

3 Dr Marion Sloan

Dr Marion Sloan is senior partner in a big inner city practice covering a deprived population offering person centred care. Marion has been involved with the PCT and now CCG over the past 10 years. Starting with development of training for GP teams in long acting reversible contraception , making sure the right incentives were in place, bringing chlamydia screening to national coverage levels, innovating gynaecology clinics in primary care and latterly developing a primary care option for pipelle biopsies as recommended by the updated NICE guidelines for menorrhagia.

She worked with Central consortium offering a consultant led gastroenterology service in primary care that was safe, innovative, popular with patients and evaluated well financially. This was successful in bringing services previously only available in secondary care, into the community.

Along with other leading practices she has actively promoted 7 day working in primary care to take the pressure off Out of Hours services and the A&E departments of the city.

Marion has worked with Primary Care Sheffield and Heeley Development Trust developing the Practice as a community hub. Activities including coffee mornings to provide social interaction , talks by expert patients and demos from the Third Sector, empowering people through education to be motivated to promote their own health through a healthy lifestyle.

Marion believes that Sheffield is a great place to live and by working together with Sheffield City Council we can reduce the inequalities that still exist.

Email Carol Henderson: carol.henderson2@nhs.net, tel 0114 305 1102 / Karen Shaw: karen.shaw3@nhs.net tel 0114 305 1104

 Dr Nikki Bates: Elected GP Member

6 Dr Nikki Bates

Dr Nikki Bates has been a GP for 26 years. She is Senior Partner at Porter Brook Medical Centre and Student Health at Sheffield Hallam University. Nikki was elected by Sheffield GPs as one of their representatives to the CCG Governing Body in 2014.

Nikki has a special interest in the health of Young People and Students and works with the Children's and Young Peoples Portfolio within the CCG. She is also a Partner Governor at Sheffield Children's Hospital where she is keen to help develop services for Sheffield children. To give our children the Best Start in life is a key aim and priority of Sheffield CCG and Sheffield City Council.

Nikki is a GP appraiser and in this role she helps GPs review their work, celebrate excellence and prepare for Revalidation with the GMC

Email Carol Henderson: carol.henderson2@nhs.net, tel 0114 305 1102 / Karen Shaw: karen.shaw3@nhs.net tel 0114 305 1104

Elected GP Member (vacant post)

Image to follow

This post is currently vacant

Elected GP Member (vacant post)

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This post is currently vacant

Dr David Warwicker: Locality Nominated GP North Locality

David Warwicker

David was born and raised in Sheffield. He works as a GP Partner at Mill Road Surgery in Ecclesfield, and also as a Clinical Assistant in Dermatology at Royal Hallamshire Hospital. He is looking forward to upholding the aims of the CCG - in particular, improving the quality and equality of healthcare in Sheffield.

Email Carol Henderson: carol.henderson2@nhs.net, tel 0114 305 1102 / Karen Shaw: karen.shaw3@nhs.net tel 0114 305 1104


Dr Amir Afzal: Locality Nominated GP Central Locality

10 Dr Amir Afzal

Dr Amir Afzal is a Sheffield GP and has worked at Duke Medical Centre as a partner since 1994 working with some of the most vulnerable people in the city. He is now senior partner at the practice. He is passionate about general practice and is interested in how his practice can work with surrounding practices to work more cooperatively for the benefit of patients. He is also interested in how GPs can educate and empower patients to make the health care system truly fit for the 21st century. Amir hopes to develop a system where the best of British general practice is passed on to the next generation whilst adapting to the changes that are needed, making sure that the art of medicine and human touch are not lost.

Having served on the CCG from inception to October 2017, Amir was reappointed in November 2018. The year out has allowed Amir to reflect on the many changes occurring in Primary Care and the central role General Practice needs to play in ensuring the best possible outcomes for the population of Sheffield. In adopting the service to cater for larger populations and "care closer to home" Amir feels that the essence of individual needs should be paramount and co-ordinated in an effective manner.

Email Carol Henderson: carol.henderson2@nhs.net, tel 0114 305 1102 / Karen Shaw: karen.shaw3@nhs.net tel 0114 305 1104


Dr Andrew McGinty: Locality Nominated GP Hallam and South Locality

Dr Andrew McGinty

Andrew is clinical director at Sheffield CCG where he is the clinical lead for active ageing, cancer, end of life care and long term conditions. He is also a GP at Woodhouse Medical Centre where he has worked for over 20 years, having previously worked in anaesthetics. 

Email Carol Henderson: carol.henderson2@nhs.net, tel 0114 305 1102 / Karen Shaw: karen.shaw3@nhs.net tel 0114 305 1104


 Dr Chris Whale: Secondary Care Doctor

7 Dr Chris Whale

Dr Chris Whale's main clinical role involves working as a NHS Consultant Chest & General Physician at Royal Derby Hospital, where he also has a leadership role as a Divisional Medical Director.

Chris has an invested interest in South Yorkshire, his home county, and his role on the Governing Body of Sheffield CCG is an opportunity to help improve health outcomes across the area.

Email Carol Henderson: carol.henderson2@nhs.net, tel 0114 305 1102 / Karen Shaw: karen.shaw3@nhs.net tel 0114 305 1104



Chris Nield: Lay Member

11 Chris Nield

Chris was appointed as a lay member in July 2018. 

As a Lay Member Chris would like to make a difference to the health and wellbeing of the Sheffield community, particularly to influence health inequalities and mental health. She recognises and values the skills and talents of local people in influencing the health of their communities. 

Chris started her career teaching in Sheffield. She moved to public health working as a Public Health Consultant in Nottingham and then Sheffield. 

Throughout her public health career Chris has led public health work in communities, primary care and mental health and wellbeing. She is an Associate Lecturer at Hallam University and an Honorary lecturer at Sheffield University. 

Email Carol Henderson: carol.henderson2@nhs.net, tel 0114 305 1102 / Karen Shaw: karen.shaw3@nhs.net tel 0114 305 1104 

Amanda Forrest: Lay Member (Deputy Chair)

2 Amanda Forrest

Amanda Forrest has worked in the voluntary and public service for over 30 years -predominantly working on issues around patient and public engagement, working in partnership, and service innovation. Until the end of July 2014 Amanda was Chief Executive of Sheffield Cubed - an organisation which enables voluntary sector organisations to work collaboratively. Amanda is Chair of the Quality Assurance Committee and Vice Chair of the Audit and Integrated Governance Committee, and is a member of the Remuneration and Terms of Service Committee and the Primary Care Commissioning Committee. She has a major role in patient and public involvement, supporting meaningful and effective engagement with the public and patients through well thought through approaches at all levels.

Amanda is the CCG's Freedom to Speak Up Guardian

Email: PA carol.henderson2@nhs.net, tel 0114 305 1102 / karen.shaw3@nhs.net, tel 0114 305 1104.

Mark Gamsu: Lay Member

12 Mark Gamsu

Professor Mark Gamsu believes that if people’s health and wellbeing is to improve, and inequalities are to be addressed, then it is essential to do this in collaboration with members of the public. In his career he has worked for a range of community organisations as well as local government and the civil service. He established 'Altogether Better’, an award winning national health champions programme that continues to flourish. He chairs the Public Engagement, Experience and Equalities Group (PEEEG) which supports the CCG improve the way it consults, collaborates and engages with people in Sheffield. He is particularly interested in the way the CCG can help general practice and the voluntary sector work together better in the more disadvantaged parts of the city.

Email: PA carol.henderson2@nhs.net, tel 0114 305 1102 / karen.shaw3@nhs.net, tel 0114 305 1104.

Anthea Morris: Lay Member

13 Anthea Morris

Anthea is the CCG Lay Member for audit and governance as well as the conflicts of interest Guardian. She is Chair of the CCG’s Audit and Integrated Governance Committee and a member of Governing Body and Remuneration Committee. Anthea believes that strong governance is at the heart of any successful organisation which wants to achieve its strategic aims and can help to further improve the health and well-being service in Sheffield.

Anthea has extensive experience over the last 20 years in the NHS, public, private and charitable sectors, including being: Audit Chair and Vice-Chair of the Governing Body at NHS Doncaster CCG, Co-Founder of Better2Know, Strategic Advisor for Nyangao Hospital in Tanzania, Treasurer for the FPA charity, Audit Committee Member for South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner, Finance Director of the Centre of Excellence for Life Sciences and Financial Controller of Citizens Advice. Anthea has an MA in Management and is a Chartered Accountant and Chartered Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

Email Carol Henderson: carol.henderson2@nhs.net, tel 0114 305 1102 / Karen Shaw: karen.shaw3@nhs.net tel 0114 305 1104

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