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The CCG Annual Report for 2014-15 can be viewed here. The full document is written in such a way as it addresses our statutory duties, and therefore is not the easiest read. 

We have therefore also made the following to help you to understand our key highlights from the Report.

Annual Report Infographic

The Annual Report Infographic sets out our ambitions, achievements, challenges and gives an update on what we plan for the future. Download the Annual Report Infographic here.

Annual Report Video 

Our Chair, Dr Tim Moorhead, gives highlights from the Annual Report 2014/15.

  • 0.00 Introduction
  • 0:15 About the CCG
  • 2:00 Our Ambitions
  • 3:55 Achievements
  • 8:10 Challenges
  • 11:11 Finance
  • 12:15 The Future

This is a printable version of https://www.sheffieldccg.nhs.uk/our-information/annual-report-2014-15.htm?pr=