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The Involve Me Network


Do you live in Sheffield or are you registered with a Sheffield doctor?

Would you like to be kept informed about local health services?

Would you like to help shape future health services in Sheffield?

If the answer is yes then join the NHS Sheffield Clinical Commissioning Group’s (CCG) Involve me network.

What is ‘Involve me, Sheffield CCG’

‘Involve me, Sheffield CCG’ has been set up as a way of involving people who care about their local NHS and who would like to be kept updated, or get involved and have their say, on commissioning decisions for the benefit of Sheffield people.

We want to create a relationship with as many people as possible to give people the opportunity to hear what’s really going on in the local NHS ‘straight from the horse’s mouth’ and to gather views on health and social care to inform the key decisions that we make.

What will I need to do?

To get involved all you need to do is sign up to our network by giving us your name and contact details. We will send you regular updates from the CCG and inform you of any engagement opportunities such as our monthly Governing Body meetings, CCG public events and service consultations that you may want to get involved in.

As a patient, carer and citizen of Sheffield, your voice will be at the heart of the decisions we make and will help shape healthcare services in Sheffield.  The only way we will get it right is by listening, hearing and acting upon your suggestions, experience and feedback and we are committed to supporting every person in the city to have their say.

What do I get in return?

If you sign up to the ‘Involve me, Sheffield CCG’ engagement network we will send you:

  • Regular updates about the CCG and local NHS health services via a quarterly newsletter. You can also let us know what your health interests are so that we can specifically provide you with information that’s relevant to you.
  • Information about the various engagement opportunities that the CCG will organise.
  • Invites to CCG public events such as the Annual Public Meeting and other public meetings that are held throughout the year.
  • Information about our monthly Governing Body meetings which give you the chance to find out about Governing Body's discussions and the decision-making process. The meeting also gives members of the public an opportunity to ask questions about Governing Body agenda items at the end of each meeting. You can send your questions to the CCG prior to Governing Body via letter, email or phone, and then either ask them in person at a Governing Body meeting, or have them registered, with the answer, as a question at the meeting.
  • The opportunity to ‘have my say’ about new services and service changes.
  • Information about consultations that you can get involved in and have your say.
  • Reimbursement of out of pocket expenses for involvement in CCG activity.

Involve me, Sheffield CCG!

You can sign up to our network by dropping us an email to sheccg.engagementactivity@nhs.net or by calling us on 0114 305 4609 or via our freepost leaflet

You can also view other campaign materials below;
Involve Me Poster
Involve Me Credit Card 

To view the 'involve me' newsletters please see here.

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