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Health Needs in Education Provisions


In support of the Children and Families Act (2014), Department for Education (DfE) statutory guidance ‘Supporting pupils with medical conditions at school’ (2014) and SEND: Guide for Early Years settings (2014) Education provisions have a statutory duty to make arrangements to support children and young people with medical conditions.  The aim is to ensure that children and young people with medical conditions affecting either their physical or mental health or both are properly supported in education so that they can play a full and active role, remain healthy, and achieve their academic potential.

Resources and toolkits play an active role in supporting a child or young person with a medical or health need in education and using a multi-disciplinary approach with Health, Education, Parents/Carers and the child or young person to achieve the outcomes required.





Individual Healthcare Plans (IHCP):

Individual Healthcare Plans (IHCP) - (Powerpoint)

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