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FOI Ref: 0010FOI1920

7th May 2019

Freedom of Information Act 2000 – Request for Information

We are pleased to respond to your request for information and our response is set out below:


I would like to know what payments have been made to GPs by each of the CCGs in your area in relation to end-of-life care per year for every year between 2011-18.

Please provide details of any policy that authorises such payments and the precise nature of them, as well details of how the size of per-patient payments may have increased or decreased over the same eight-year period.


Sheffield GP practices receive payments for End of Life care in 2 ways:

  • NHS England pay for End of Life Care through the Quality Outcomes Framework (QOF). Unfortunately the CCG does not have access to the actual payments which relate to End of Life as QOF achievement is paid as a total figure to the practice and is made up of payment for many areas of care.
  • Under a locally-commissioned service which began in October 2018, the CCG commissions with the GP practices for a Quality Contract which is made up of 4 specifications including End of Life Care. The Quality Contract payment is a maximum of £4 per head based on weighted list size and all but one of the Sheffield practices have signed up to this. All practices who signed-up received the maximum amount of income in 2018/19 which was a part-year effect of £2 per head. As the service is for more than just End of Life care it would be wrong to assume that all of this payment related to this care.
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