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Disclosure Log 2019/20

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Responses 2019/20 (page 1 of 5)

0001FOI1920 (Human Resources investigations)  
0002FOI1920 (Cannabis products)  
0003FOI1920 (Cataracts activity)  
0004FOI1920 (Mental Health services for people with Parkinsons)  
0005FOI1920 (Autism in early years)  
0006FOI1920 (Musculoskeletal (MSK) and diagnostic services)  
0007FOI1920 (Latest Primary Care Commissioning Committee papers and use of GP patient survey results)  
0008FOI1920 (MSK)  
0009FOI1920 (Continuing Healthcare agency staff)  
0010FOI1920 (End of Life Care)  
0011FOI1920 (Section 117)  
0012FOI1920 (Endoscopy services)  
0013FOI1920 (Sexual health postal testing kits)  
0014FOI1920 (Continuous Glucose Monitoring)  
0015FOI1920 (Community Pharmacies)  
0016FOI1920 (Personal Health Budget surveys)  
0017FOI1920 (Staff contact details)  
0018FOI1920 (Dynamic purchasing)  
0019FOI1920 (Personal Health Budget Surveys)  
0020FOI1920 (Optional GP services)  
0021FOI1920 (Mental Health rehabilitation)  
0022FOI1920 (Primary Care Networks)  
0023FOI1920 (Apprenticeships)  
0024FOI1920 (Non-urgent patient transport)  
0025FOI1920 (Services for homeless patients)  
0026FOI1920 (Neuro rehabilitation)  
0027FOI1920 (Hospice funding)  
0028FOI1920 (Worster-Drought Syndrome)  
0029FOI1920 (Fastrack Continuing Healthcare)  
0030FOI1920 (Urgent care, NHS 111 and GP OOH)  
0031FOI1920 (Wood Hill Grange)  
0032FOI1920 (Speculums)  
0033FOI1920 (Pharmacy rebates)  
0034FOI1920 (Axial spondyloarthritis)  
0035FOI1920 (Personal Health Budgets)  
0036FOI1920 (Community based services)  
0037FOI1920 (Continuing Healthcare - retrospectives)  
0038FOI1920 (Responsible Leads)  
0039FOI1920 (Couples therapy)  
0040FOI1920 (ReSPECT - Recommended Summary Plan for Emergency Care and Treatment)  
0041FOI1920 (Anti coagulation)  
0042FOI1920 (Continuing Healthcare numbers)  
0043FOI1920 (Eye drops)  
0044FOI1920 (Formularies and policies)  
0045FOI1920 (Primary Care Networks)  
0046FOI1920 (Business Intelligence)  
0047FOI1920 (Eating disorder services)   
0048FOI1920 (NHS 111 and Integrated Urgent Care)  
0049FOI1920 (Glucose monitor formularies)  
0050FOI1920 (Primary Care Networks)  


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