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FOI Ref: 0040FOI1920

18th June 2019 

Freedom of Information Act 2000 – Request for Information

We are pleased to respond to your request for information and our response is set out below:


Please note that henceforth by 'the ReSPECT Form', I mean the form which can be found at:


The ReSPECT website tells readers 'People should not expect to use the ReSPECT process until it has been established in their locality' and I would like to understand how widely ReSPECT 'has already been rolled-out/implemented'. Many 'not 'actively ill' people', could potentially approach their GP with the question: 

'I would like to have a ReSPECT Form - can you facilitate that for me, by providing the form and arranging for it to be signed by an appropriate clinician?' and what I would like you to tell me, is if at the moment an NHS patient approached a GP 'in your CCG' and asked, would the answer be 'yes'?

It clearly isn't practicable to try and ask individual GPs/Practices, so I am asking CCGs instead [despite it not being entirely clear to me, that 'provision/completion of a ReSPECT Form' is a 'commissioned service' - however, I am aware of at least one CCG which does have 'a policy promoting ReSPECT'.].

Please note: it is my intention to collate and publish the responses I receive, and I will not be asking for permission separately - I will regard any response to my FOI/question as implicitly indicating 'permission to publish it'.


NHS Sheffield CCG has not rolled out ReSPECT yet but has alternatives in place such as Okay to Stay

We have a current programme of work in 2019/20 - a review of ReSPECT and its possible roll out in Sheffield is part of that work.

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