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Governing Body Meeting Papers 9 January 2020


Paper 5.A - Minutes of Previous Meeting

Paper 6.B - Matters Arising 

Paper 7.C - Dementia Strategy

Paper 8.D - Revised Yorkshire & Humber (Y&A) Access to Infertility Policy

Paper 9.E - Improvement Plan Update Report

Paper 10.F - Quarterly Update on NHS Sheffield CCG Governing Body Assurance Fraemwork (GBAF)

Paper 11.G - Month 8 Finance Report

Paper 12.H - Update on Month 8 Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention (QIPP) Plan

Paper 13.I - Performance, Quality and Outcomes Report:  Position Statement Month 8

Paper 14.J - Draft Sheffield Inclusion Strategy 2020-25 (including SEND) Update

Paper 15.K - Public Health Intelligence Update

Paper 16.L - Communications, Engagement and Equality Quarterly Update


Reports for Noting:

17.a - Accountable Care Partnership(ACP)/Integrated Care System (ICS) - i)  ACP Director Reportii) ICS System Leader Update

17.b - Sheffield CCG Chair's Report

17.c - Sheffield CCG Accountable Officer's Report

17.d - Report from the Audit and Integrated Governance Committee (AIGC) including the unadopted minutes from the minutes from the meeting held on 12 December 2019

17.e - Report from the Primary Care Commissioning Committee (PCCC)

17.f - Report from the Strategic Patient Engagement, Experience, Equality Committee (SPEEEC) including the draft minutes from the meeting held on 10 September 2019

17.g - Report from the Quality Assurance Committee (QAC) including unadopted minutes from the meeting held on 14 November 2019

17.h - Governance Board Assurance Framework

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